What I Want For San Ramon

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Detailed Platform

Shaping our Growth

Luz’s Commitment: 

As your councilmember, I promise to partner with our neighborhoods to give residents a voice in shaping our growth. I will advocate for policies that enhance our quality of life, promote community health, and protect our natural resources. I will put forward policies that protect the character of our unique community while preparing responsibly for our future.

Less Traffic and Safe Streets

Luz’s Commitment:

I will be a tireless advocate for strategies to reduce traffic congestion and improve the safety of our streets. As your councilmember, I will work with the community and regional transportation partners to promote best practices for traffic management. I will propose strategies that improve public transit, promote smart land-use strategies, and fight to enhance bike and pedestrian facilities. I will be a strong advocate for San Ramon’s priorities with regional transportation authorities.

My vision for San Ramon is for our city to be a livable community with a quality of life that offers safe places to walk and cycle while improving air quality and community health.

I will prioritize providing affordable and safe transportation for children, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.

I promise to engage our residents to find ways to manage our current traffic problems and make plans for the future.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Luz’s Commitment:

Healthy families live in healthy communities. A healthy community supports all residents in many ways:

  • Clean air to breathe
  • Parks, trails and open space
  • Healthy and thriving schools
  • Affordable activities for seniors
  • Farmers markets and community gardens
  • Thriving businesses and local jobs
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Social and civic engagement
  • Sustainable practices
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Fiscal responsibility

As a public health professional, I was trained to think about prevention, to consider the big picture, and to look ahead. As your councilmember, I promise to bring my years of experience making communities healthier to promote policies and practices that will make San Ramon the healthiest community it can be—in every sense of the word.

Nature Park at Mudd’s

Luz’s Commitment:

District 1 is home to one of the most unique, wild, and beautiful natural areas in our city. The former Mudd's Restaurant property and San Catanio Creek offer San Ramon an opportunity to create a community amenity and nature park unlike any other. I will strongly advocate for the city to play a major role and invest in the development of the proposed park along with residents and the new San Ramon Nature Park Foundation.

Support for the Arts

Luz’s Commitment:

Art is a universal language and a unifying force. San Ramon needs more opportunities to make art and to behold it. Art can bring a community together, and as your councilmember, I will be a strong proponent of City support for the arts.

Listening to San Ramons Residents

Luz’s Commitment:

I believe that government is at its best when decision-making is shaped by those impacted by the decisions. As an experienced community engagement professional, I will work to bring your voices, your ideas, and your wisdom to City Hall. 

What do YOU want for San Ramon?

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