Partial List



                   Fiona Ma–California State Treasurer

"Right now, we need local leaders who truly understand the challenges we are facing. I support Luz because she is a public health professional and has been a public servant her whole career. She is the right person to guide the city today, and plan for a healthy sustainable future."

Joan Buchanan–Former California State Assembly Member, Former SRVUSD Board Member

"I've know Luz Gomez for many years.  She does her homework, listens, and works to build successful partnerships within the community.  Most importantly, Luz is a true public servant and will work tirelessly to preserve the quality life the residents of San Ramon enjoy." 



Abram Wilson–Former San Ramon Mayor

"Luz is the best candidate to represent us. She will work for us by protecting and enhancing our quality of life. She is smart, honest, and politically savvy. Please vote for Luz Gomez for San Ramon City Council District 1. She is simply the best candidate who will listen and respect those she serves."

Jim Blkickenstaff–Former San Ramon Councilmember

“I’ve known Luz and her family for a long time. They are great people. Luz is the right candidate, at the right time, for the right job: San Ramon District One Council Member.  She will put the PUBLIC back in the often abused phrase “Public Service.” Her background shows how seriously she takes  serving the community. In addition to that strong commitment, she will bring a fresh perspective and much needed diversity to the City Council.”

Pat Boom–Former San Ramon Mayor

“I’m supporting Luz Gomez for City Council because I get the sense that she not only listens to you, but she hears what you are saying. She is a change that is vitally needed on the City Council. “

Mary Lou Oliver–Former San Ramon Mayor

"I have only known Luz for a short time but I have found her to be very knowledgeable about the current state of the City, upcoming projects, and the needs of residents of District 1.  Her history and work in the various areas of Contra Costa Government will serve her and the community well as a Council Member in San Ramon."



John Gioia–Contra Costa County Supervisor

"I am proud to endorse Luz Gomez for City Council. She is committed to making our communities safer, healthier and sustainable.  As my former Chief of Staff, Luz effectively built neighborhood coalitions to solve tough community problems.  San Ramon residents will benefit from her experience and can trust her integrity and passion for public service."

Karen Mitchoff–Contra Costa County Supervisor

"Luz is a thoughtful leader who listens to all points of view.  She bases each decision on input from all perspectives and then moves forward in what is best for everyone.  You can trust Luz to do what is best for San Ramon."



Genoveva Calloway–City of San Pablo, Former Mayor and Council Member

"I have known Luz Gomez for the past 20 plus years.  She is a committed and hard-working public servant.  She will serve San Ramon residents by representing their values and will work in partnership with the business community.  She is highly skilled in communicating with passion and respect and will work hard to accomplish what a neighborhood needs.  Please vote for Luz Gomez, she will truly represent the City of San Ramon by listening to  include all resident's voices.  "

Trish Munro–City of Livermore Council Member

"The air we breathe does not stop at city borders; air quality is a regional issue. Now she brings that knowledge and experience to work with other cities in the region to bring a healthier environment for the whole Tri-Valley."

Rod Sinks–City of Cupertino Council Member, Former Mayor, Board Chair, Bay Area Air Quality Management District*

"While at the Air District, Luz advocated strongly for genuine community engagement. San Ramon will do well with a council member that prioritizes the community. Her background in air quality and public health make her an ideal candidate right now."

Shawn Kumagai–City of Dublin Council Member

Gabe Quinto–City of El Cerrito, Former Mayor & Council Member

Ann Cheng–City of El Cerrito, Former Mayor and Council Member

"Luz is a public servant in the truest sense of the word. I believe the community would be fortunate to have her care, expertise and perspective on the council.  She is asking all the right questions and has the intention of increasing transparency around land-use and transportation decision-making.  She will bring more people to the table that haven't been invited to sit at it."

Rita Xavier–City of San Pablo, Council Member



Susanna Ordway–San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board

"As a resident of San Ramon for over 26 years, I have seen and experienced many changes to our city, none more so than this year. Though I thank our current District 1 incumbent Councilmember for his many years of service, I believe it’s time for a new voice and perspective. That’s why I am endorsing Luz Gomez—with her extensive public service and policy experience at the County level and her intimate knowledge of our city, she would be an effective member of the City Council on day 1 while leading San Ramon in supporting our diverse communities.”

Rochelle Nelson–Speech Therapist, SRVUSD

“It is so refreshing to have a new vision for our future. Luz’s background is so critical right now. She has the right expertise.”

Ursula Sexton–Science Teacher, Montevideo Elementary

Rebecca Barrett–President, CC Community College District Board

Vicki Gordon–Contra Costa Community College District Board

Terry Trumbull–Environmental Studies, San Jose State Univ.*



Jose Luis Avila–Contra Costa County Environmental Health*

Margaret Aumann–California WIC Program (Ret.)*

Yvette Leung–Y’s Change

Barbara McCullough–Brighter Beginnings CEO

Linda Pilant–Dental Hygienist

Ryyn Shumacher–Tobacco Prevention Program*

Paul Kraintz– Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa*



Jody London–Contra Costa County Sustainability Coordinator*

"Luz is a true public servant, always looking for ways to make things better for everyone in the community, particularly those who have the least. Luz is a fierce advocate for the environment. She understands how government works and knows how to make it work better for all of us. "

Stefanie Pruegel–Environmental Communications Consultant

"Luz has a deep understanding of public health, environmental issues and local governance. And she has the ability, passion and vision to bring those fields together to serve our community. We need more people like her in leadership positions. That’s why I endorse her for San Ramon City Council."

Abby Young–Climate Protection Manager, BAAQMD*

"As a professional colleague, I know Luz to be one of the most authentic advocates for the environment and communities I have known."

Ann Brown–Tri-Valley Citizens' Climate Education*

Yvette DiCarlo–Bay Area Air Quality Management District*

Alona Davis–Bay Area Air Quality Management District*

Areana Flores–Bay Area Air Quality Management District*

Wayne Michaud–Executive Director, Idle Free California

Tina Neuhausel–President and CEO, Sustainable Contra Costa

Janet Stromberg–350 Bay Area*



Chris Magnus–Former Richmond Police Chief, Tucson Police Chief



350 Bay Area Action

"Luz is clearly a "climate champion" and the kind of person we need as a civic leader to lead climate-positive initiatives and support action-oriented policies. "

Contra Costa Building Trades

Contra Costa Central Labor Council

Contra Costa Young Democrats

League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay

San Ramon Valley Democratic Club

Sierra Club

Tri-Valley Democratic Club



Chris Weeks–San Ramon Transportation Demand Management Commeettee*

Marisol Rubio–Dublin San Ramon Services District*

Jon Miklos–San Ramon Open Space Advisory Committee*

" Luz brings outstanding leadership to preserve and protect our open spaces. We need her energy and vision to make San Ramon a better place to live. Please join me in supporting Luz for City Council."



Diablo Auto Care–Chris Ludwig

Wellness Heaven Yoga–Umang Goel

Liberty Tax Service–Robert Downum

Sunshine Entertainments–Lorrie Harris

Tri-Valley Orthodontics–Dr. Yoon and Dr. Ko



Richard Adler, Greystone

Mary Ballin, Twin Creek Hills

Keith Barton

Charlotte Blackford, Former Newcastle

Christina Burchik

Chuck Carpenter, Educator

Rita Chakrabarti, Alta Mira

Terry Cunningham, Bollinger Hills

Ellis Goldberg, President Tri Valley Dems*

Mario and Luz Gomez, Bollinger Hills

Brodie Hilp, President, SRV Democratic Club *

"Luz Gomez has remarkable experience in public health and climate change.  Her background as a COVID-19 Case Investigator in Contra Costa County gives her knowledge and insight on how to keep San Ramon safe during the pandemic.  Her years at the Air District as their Community Engagement Manager established her success in engaging the community. She has the support of state leaders such as State Treasurer Fiona Ma, many past City of San Ramon leaders, many Bay Area leaders, Education leaders, Community leaders such as Patty Hoyt of the Discovery Center, Chris Burchik of the American Association of University Women and saving the best for last, former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan.  If Joan endorses her and supports her campaign, that is truly meaningful."

Patty Hoyt, Discovery Counseling Center*

Annamaria Kaspers, Bollinger Hills

Sara Lashanlo, Cal High Grad, 2013

“Luz' progressive vision, compassion, and world perspectives are all the assets that we should be looking for in a political leader. San Ramon City Council members represent not just their district, but the whole city. That's why I'm proud to endorse Luz for City Council."

Isabel Lau, Twin Creeks, Member AAUW

"As a 32 year resident of San Ramon, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of council members. It’s time for some changes! I find Luz to be an intelligent, caring and thoughtful individual with civic service experience. She’s a breath of fresh air who is willing to listen to concerns and work together with the community. I support and endorse Luz Gomez for San Ramon City Council."

Christine McGinnis

Lisa McLaurin, Newcastle

Cameron and Megha Menteer, Newcastle

Carol Okeefe, Soroptimist International of San Ramon*

"Extremely caring about our community; always demonstrates integrity by her words AND deeds; smart; solid judgement; very collaborative  and  well-informed on the issues. These are the characteristics I look for when I think about a candidate to take San Ramon into it’s next and best years as a thriving city.  Luz is definitely the right choice to represent us. Let’s make it happen!"

Marlene Piehl, Vista San Ramon

"I have known Luz since our children were newborns. She has spent her career working in the public sector. I think her knowledge and background make her an ideal candidate."

Van Rainey

Patricia Reyes, Foxboro

"I have known Luz for over 15 years. When I think about what make her the ideal candidate for San Ramon City Council three things come to mind: 1) a passion for making San Ramon a better place to live, 2) the skills to bring that vision to reality and 3) her deep belief in authentic community engagement. Luz will always be looking for opportunities where the SR City Council can influence critical decisions that will have long-term consequences for the well-being of everyone in our community."


Maria Elena Baduria Solberg, Windemere

Mercedes Castano Unglaub, Newcastle

Andrew Weiss, Twin Creeks

Susan and Clayton Woo, Thomas Ranch

“My wife and I have met Luz, and know she will give our District 1 (Northwest area of San Ramon), much effort in keeping our district safe, and to preserve its current status. Please give her your vote on Tues Nov 3.”



Victoria Anderson

Melika Ardestani

Ann Clinnick

Gyle Cowan

Angela Fernandez

Mary Fujii

Derene Hinchliff

Leslie Holzman

Erik Larsen

James Lyons

Celina Maiorano

Sue Oliver

Ayla Peters

Jerome Pandell

Michelle Robson

Maureen Toms

Robert van Gompel

Ruth Vasquez-Jones

Laurie Wolfe

Eric Zell

“Luz is a smart, passionate and committed public servant.  She listens, has deep empathy and is a great problem solver. The San Ramon community will be fortunate to have her serve on the City Council”.  

*Organizations for Identification purposes only